Tuesday, January 03, 2006

RE: st: A question regarding parmby

A. Jalal wrote: > I am trying to use the parmby command to retrieve the results > of a number of regressions I am running. The command I am > using: > > parmby "qui sureg (Y XA) (Y XB)", by(group) es(N) label command > norestore saving(Equation1.dta, replace) > > I need to save the R-squares and the Chi-squares from each of > the regressions. However, I have no idea how to get them. I > have tried the evec command, but without any success.

the reason why the evec option did not work is that sureg does not save the R-squares and Chi-squares as a vector. If you first estimate the sureg model and than type -ereturn list- you get all the information sureg saves. Than you can build the -parmby- command, like the example below.

*------------begin example-------------- sysuse auto, clear sureg (price weight length) (mpg weight) ereturn list parmby "qui sureg (price weight length) (mpg weight)" /* */,by(foreign) es(N chi2_1 r2_1 chi2_2 r2_2) label command norestore *------------end example---------------

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