Friday, January 06, 2006

Re: st: Some kind of count or tabulation

B. Water:

I understand that your var1-varn are string variables. For strings, the missing value typically is a blank, not a period, so I would first:

foreach V of varlist var1-varn { replace `V'="" if `V'=="." }

If you feel unsecure about the above construct, you might instead give as many replace commands as you have variables: replace var1="" if var1=="." ...

Now you can use egen's robs() function with the strok option: egen nonmiss = robs(var1-varn) , strok

In Stata 9 the robs() function got the more telling name rownonmiss().

Now, the variable -nonmiss- tells the number of nonmissing (i.e. non-blank) values for each observation. Wasn't that what you were looking for?

Hope this helps Svend


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