Wednesday, January 04, 2006

st: A dialog box to perform simulations.

Hi stata folks and happy new year.

I have two questions:

1. How to design a framework (possibly through a dialog box - though I am totally novice to dialogs - ) to make simulations, after a regression? What I have in mind is something like:

regress yvar xvar1 xvar2 predict yhat1

Now allow user to make simulations:

- replace xvar1 or xvar2 or both by some values

predict yhat2.

I am trying to do that with VB under excel (using streg results), but not only it is boring, I am sure it is doable in stata.

2. More generally, how to design an interractive program in stata (in the sense that during the course of the program, it receives inputs - arguments- from the user and implement results). Something like the cin/cout commands in C++. Again possibly through a dialog box (such as a box to compute the square root of a number). But it can also be a stand alone program. Something like:

myprogram // in the stata command line

enter a value // stata prompts a request

5 // user enters value

2.236068 // stata outputs an answer

enter a new value or type "exit" to exit // stata prompts a new request


exit // end session

Again, I think I have to invest a lot in dialog programming, but I want to know if definitely, this is doable in stata (especially my first question).

Best regards.

Amadou. * * For searches and help try: * * *


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