Friday, January 20, 2006

st: graph export to pdf

For as much as I looked I could not find a way to specify a custom page size when converting a ps or eps to pdf with Ghostscript's pdfwrite. Even if you instruct Stata to export to ps by specifying a custom size, the Ghostscript device will place your graph within a default pagesize. The default pagesize is usually US letter size, but it can be changed to any standard ISO size such as legal a4 etc. Problem is if none of these standard sizes match you graph size, there does not seem to be an easy way with Ghostscript. I've looked for an option in Acrobat's Distiller too, but haven't found it (Distiller and Ghostscript's pdfwrite share a lot of the parameters). Like you, I too had to manually change the bounding box dimensions in Acrobat. This is fine for one or two graphs, but what if you need to convert 20 or 80 graphs?

Fortunately, I did come across a solution. It's not elegant, but it works, somewhat. It involves using epstopdf.exe which you can find here: pport/

Epstopdf requires Ghostcript installed and will be looking for gswin32c.exe (I believe that Mac users should have Ghostscript and most of its devices installed). I did have some problems trying to tell the location of gswin32c.exe under Win (probably because of the spaces), so I saved epstopdf.exe in the same location as gswin32c.exe.

Unfortunately, it seems that epstopdf cuts the main title. I am hoping someone in the Stata community can provide some suggestions...

So here is some example code. I am working in Win environment, so you would need to make the appropriate changes:

***************************** * Example * ***************************** sysuse auto twoway scatter mpg weight, xsize(10) ysize(5) title("Test of epstopdf") graph set eps logo off graph export "C:\gs\gs8.53\bin\example.eps", cmyk(on) orientation(landscape) replace

! cd /D C:\gs\gs8.53\bin ! epstopdf.exe --gsopt=-dPDFSETTINGS=/prepress --gsopt=-dAutoRotatePages=/All --outfile=H:\example.pdf example.eps

capture erase C:\gs\gs8.53\bin\example.eps


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