Thursday, January 05, 2006

st: A new module in SSC archives. Tablemat.

Hi, Thanks to Kit Baum, a new module is available in the ssc archives. Tablemat is an extension to tabstat. While tabstat allows only one by-variable, tablemat allows as many as the user desires and saves results in a matrice for future use. Tablemat also handles very well the variables and values labels to mark the rows and columns of the saved matrice. To instal, type: ssc inst tablemat, replace As I am still learning stata, please be kind to notify me of any problem. Happy new year 2006. Best regards.

PS: I have connection problems. So apologies if this mail pops up twice.

Amadou DIALLO. Poverty and Health Specialist AFTPM, Africa Region. The World Bank. (202) 458 0288.

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