Tuesday, January 03, 2006

st: Spatial autocorrelation in logistic regression

I am doing work in which I have a binary outcome (late stage diagnosis of breast cancer) and a number of variables at the level of the census tract. It is common practice in epidemiology to use aggregate measures of this kind, in addition to person-level data, to model binary outcomes. In many cases, including mine, the census tracts are from a relatively small area (e.g. Cook County Illinois) and, of course, some tracts are contiguous and others separated by some distance. This raises the possibility of some sort of spatial dependence in outcomes. I have not seen any attempt to correct for spatial auto-correlation of this kind in the epidemiology literature. For continuous outcomes, doing so has become a fairly straight forward task, but a search of both Stata space and more generally has not turned up any software for the logistic or probit case. I am new to this, and could easily have missed something, but could anyone direct me to either published work or software resources?

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