Wednesday, January 04, 2006

st: Technical Report #1 Version 1.0 Released (... A Look at Stata, SAS and SPSS)

Greetings Last December we announced a draft version of Technical Report Number 1 titled "Strategically using General Purpose Statistics Packages: A Look at Stata, SAS and SPSS". I received many emails with extremely helpful feedback and constructive comments. I am very grateful to all those who wrote and generously took time to share their thoughts. In light of these comments I have made many revisions and updates to the report and have posted Version 1.0 of the report which can be found at As always, I continue to welcome feedback on this report to improve it for future versions (e.g. Version 1.1 and so forth). Also, I am working on a second technical report "Strategically using Special Purpose Statistics Packages" that will focus on the strategic use of special purpose packages (e.g. Stat/Transfer, DBMS/Copy, SUDAAN, WesVar, Mplus, PASS, Nquery, EQS, LISREL, AMOS, HLM, MLwiN, LatentGOLD, as well as special purpose functionality found within Stata, SAS and SPSS). I would welcome suggestions and thoughts as I begin to work on developing this new report. Finally, I am not always able to monitor this list, so if you would like to share comments with me and with this list, please cc: me personally by email to be sure I see your email.

Happy reading!

Michael Mitchell UCLA ATS Statistical Consulting Group

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