Friday, February 17, 2006

Re: st: Display command in Results Window in Subprogram

At 02:22 PM 2/17/2006, Goerner, Thomas wrote: >Bryan, > >I had a STATA question, and maybe the answer is simple. > >When creating multiple programs and subprograms (via program define) >within the same .do file Stata does not list the actual command that it >is currently processing in the Results Window. This is as opposed to >programming without -program define- but "sequentially" (for lack of >better word). This obviously makes finding bugs more tedious.

Perhaps this was just meant for Bryan(?), but since it made it to the list...

* There is always -set trace on-. This can overwhelm you with output, but can be quite useful when you are trying to see what specifically caused an error

* Within your code, you can put display messages, e.g. -display "Running sub1"-. Or you might set trace on for a specific part of code that is problematic. Or, put in commands like -macro dir-. When I am having trouble, i often find that a piece of code I expected to be executed isn't. Or, that local macros don't have the values I think they should have. You can then figure out from there what the problem is. It may be a simple typo, or it may be a fundamental error in the program's logic.

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