Sunday, February 19, 2006

RE: st: Display command in Results Window in Subprogram

No, it is not possible. Note also that -set tracedepth- is popped by the end of a program (wide sense), so you cannot set a default for yourself using But you could do it in each session. But you know that!


Svend Juul > Thomas Goerner wrote: > I had a STATA question, and maybe the answer is simple. > When creating multiple programs and subprograms (via program define) > within the same .do file Stata does not list the actual > command that it > is currently processing in the Results Window. This is as opposed to > programming without -program define- but "sequentially" (for lack of > better word). This obviously makes finding bugs more tedious. > > Richard Williams commented: > * There is always -set trace on-. This can overwhelm you with output, > but can be quite useful when you are trying to see what specifically > caused an error. > --------------------------------------------------------------------- > > To avoid being overwhelmed with trace output, you can: > set tracedepth 1 > > I always use that initially when debugging, and I wish I could: > set tracedepth 1 , permanently > but that is not (yet?) possible.

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