Monday, February 27, 2006

Re: st: Dots in the matrix equation names

At 10:11 PM 2/27/2006, Zurab Sajaia wrote: >In my program I need to do some manipulations on the output, >keeping the equation names. but I couldn't find any way of >enclosing string in quotes to assign equation names containing >dots to a matrix. > >Is there a trick to write names with special symbols or it's just >mlogit thing?

I asked tech support about this almost a year ago. It is an mlogit thing, other programs don't get to do that. The period (.), the dollar sign ($), and the colon(:) can't be used in equation names.

If you are having trouble with programs bombing because of illegal equation names, then check out

help _labels2names

Underscore is a legit character, so you might want to use that instead of dots.

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