Sunday, February 19, 2006

Re: st: error message with ml maximization

At 08:46 PM 2/19/2006, Hui Wang wrote: >Hey, I wrote a little do file to estimate a simutanous equation >system with switch regime and get the following error message:

I'm guessing there is an error in your program. :) It is a little too complicated for me to figure out, but I'll note that

* I assume you either have or can update to Stata 8.2, and hence set the version accordingly

* Error 430 means "convergence not achieved. You have estimated a maximum-likelihood model and Stata's maximization procedure failed to converge to a solution; see [R] maximize. Check if the model is identified."

* Perhaps I am missing something, but you refer to $ML_y3; aren't there only 2 dependent variables? If so, what is $ML_y3?

* Sometimes adding the difficult option will get the program to run, e.g.

ml maximize, difficult

My guess is you won't get off that easily in this case.

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