Thursday, February 16, 2006

Re: st: How can I add leading zeros conditionally?

Hi Ainsley,

Welcome to statalist. The solution to your problem is -tostring ed, format(%05.0f) replace- The key is in the somewhat cryptic format part: the first 0 in %05.0f means "add leading zeros", the 5 means "number is shown with 5 digits" the second 0 means "zero digits behind the decimal point" and the f means "fixed format". See -whelp format- for more information.

*-----begin example------ input x 1 12 123 1234 12345 end

tostring x, format(%05.0f) replace list *------end example--------

HTH, Maarten

--- ainsley charles <> wrote: > How do I add leading zeros to a string variable > conditional on its length? My objective is to create a > unique identifier <snip> > > reg ed > 10 100 > 11 3200 > 12 16400 > > Reg is consistently a str2 but ed is not (at most, > though, it's a str5). I wish my new variable to be a > str7 of the form "1000100", "1103200", and "1216400"

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