Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Re: st: Mata dir

Ilaria Mosca <IMosca@ctg-zaio.nl> writes,

> I am trying to create a column vector containing the names of the files in > dir that match pattern. For this purpose I looked at the online help, under > -help mf dir. Subsequently I type the following: > > dir(".", "files", "*") > > but then I obtain the following error message: > dir(".", "files", "*") > invalid '".' > r(198); > > What am I doing wrong?

Ilaria is tying Mata's -dir()- at Stata's dot prompt, which I can tell because of the r(198). Mata would have said something different.

To type:

. mata

: dir(".", "files", "*") <lots of output will appear}

: x = dir(".", "files", "*") // to store result in x

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