Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Re: st: ordering graphs in panels

I assume (in the absence of any actual info) you are doing something like: . sysuse auto, clear . hist price, by(rep78, holes(1) noiyaxes) but I don't see why you don't want something like . la def rep78 1 "Title One" 2 "Title Two" 3 "Etc." . la val rep78 rep78 . hist price, by(rep78, holes(3) noiyaxes) by which I mean: do you really want an orphaned y-axis on the left?

See also -gr combine- with which you can make a bunch of graphs and then stick them together in any crazy way. You could specify different titles for each, and could probably avoid creating any new variables.

On 2/28/06, Margo Schlanger <mschlanger@wulaw.wustl.edu> wrote: > I could, of course, do this by assigning a new variable that has the > right order, and using the by option to sort on that command. But then > the titles of each of my individual graphs (currently "jail, 1988" etc.) > are wrong, and I can't figure out how to beat the default on those > titles. > > So my questions: > > 1) Is there any way to get the axis to show up lined up with a hole, > rather than with the first graph? > 2) Is there any way to reverse the order of the graphs > 3) If the way to reverse the order of the graphs is by creating a new > variable with the right order, is there any way to change the little > subtitles that appear over each one -- and to have those little > subtitles not be constant (that is, I can make them be something set, > but I need them to vary -- is there a way to make the headings something > other than the "by" variables?)

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