Monday, February 27, 2006

Re: st: Question about duplicates and tag command

At 04:48 AM 2/27/2006, Mosca, Ilaria wrote: >Dear Statalisters, > >I have been working with a database in which I had to identify >duplicates of institutions and afterwards count the number of >institutions per year. I therefore wrote the following commands: > >. sort code >. quietly by code: gen dup=cond(_N==1,0,_n) >. drop if dup>1 >. gen id04==1 if year==2004 >. count if id04==1 > >My problem is that EVERY TIME that I was running these commands, I >obtained different results! Once the count command was 749, once 753, >and so on. And this without any apparent reason.

See -help sort- and the -stable- option. Sort orders can be different each time you run the -sort- command unless you use the -stable- option.

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