Friday, February 17, 2006

Re: st: random pick from a custom distribution

Daniel wrote:

I have generated an empiric frequency distribution, using -contract-, such that I have two variables-- the variable of interest (hour of the day that a patient is discharged from the hospital), and the cumulative frequency of from a set of empiric observations.

How can I generate a function which picks random hours in a frequency proportional to this distribution? ---------------------------------------------

I'm sure it can be done at a contracted dataset, but it is easier if you expand it first:

// I generate an artificial dataset clear set obs 24 generate hour=_n-1 generate _freq=round(100*uniform())

// Expand the dataset expand _freq drop _freq

// Identify a 10% random sample generate include=uniform()<0.1 keep if include==1 contract hour

You might also use the -sample- command.

Hope this helps Svend


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