Friday, February 24, 2006

Re: st: random sample by hhid

Let's save a sort order

gen order = _n

and let's tag one obs from each hh:

egen tag = tag(hhid)

Generate some nice randoms:

gen rnd = uniform()

And sort:

sort tag rnd

One observation per household has been sorted to the end and those obs then shuffled. Suppose as in your example you want 10 out of 100 households

gen select = _n > (_N - 10)

-select- is 1 for the last 10 obs and 0 otherwise.

Now we spread the word among the hh members

bysort hhid (select) : replace select = select[_N]

and go back to the original sort order

sort order

In addition to the usual manual entries, see e.g.


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Marilyn Ibarra

Anyone know how to draw a random sample by hhid? I want to draw a random sample at the household level, such that it keeps everyone in the household. I would like a one percent sample of households. So if I have 100 households but 500 individuals, I would like for it to keep 1 household (that is all the members that belong to that 1 household).

My data looks like this.

Person hhid age Luis 1 30 Nancy 1 35 Joe 1 32 Bren 2 15 Jane 2 9 Linda 3 11 Tom 3 65 * * For searches and help try: * * *


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