Friday, February 17, 2006

Re: st: Re: ugly fonts and odd crashes of Stata 9 for Linux under SimplyMepis 3_4_3

My experience is that you want 100dpi fonts for Stata to work OK - and yes, Stata works with Xorg.

A happy Fedora/SUSE user,


Anders Alexandersson wrote: > Does Stata(GUI) for Linux depend on the X server being XFree86, as > opposed to Xorg? That's now my best guess but my Linux skills are > limited, and I have not been able to solve the problem I reported: > >>>The problem is that all the fonts in Stata look ugly when I use >>>SimplyMepis 3.4.3. The fonts look great when I use another >>>application, e.g., OpenOffice Writer or Firefox. >>>Also, Stata often crashes with a GTK error message when I try to >>>change the preferences in an attempt to fix the problem. Sometimes >>>this is the error message when Stata crashes: > > Orvalho Joaquim Augusto (a.k.a "Caveman") <> replied: >>I used once Mandriva 2005 and had something like that. It disappeared >>when I installed gtk-devel packages. >> >>By the way which gnome do you use? If you dont have gnome... Consider an >>gnome installation. > > SimplyMepis uses KDE, not Gnome, but that should not matter. I > installed all gdk and gtk packages that seemed reasonable (e.g., > libgtk2.0-dev) and restarted the computer but the problem remained. > Reinstalling Stata after updated packages also did not help. > > > Chinh Nguyen replied: > >>My guess is that your Unix distribution did not install the X11 bitmap fonts >>by default. Stata requires X11 font version of Times and Helvetica to >>function properly. >> >>For example, on my Fedora Core 1 Linux box, my X11 bitmap fonts are stored >>in: >> >>/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/ >> >>In /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/75dpi, there are tim* and helv* font files. > > I went to KDE Control Center -> System Administration -> Font > Installer and could see tim* and helv* font files in > /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/75dpi. I'm not sure if that's enough of a > check. > > > I asked at the Mepis forum but did not > get a reply, hopefully because few posters there use Stata. The > largest changes from version 3.3.1 to 3.4.3 of SimplyMepis are: KDE > 3.4 replaced KDE 3.3, XOrg replaced Xfree86, and the repository > "testing" (etch) replaced "unstable" (sid). I then upgraded both > distributions to KDE 3.5.1. The Stata(GUI) problem remained: still > ugly fonts in SimplyMepis 3.4.3 and nice fonts in SimplyMepis 3.3. > > The only Debian book I have is Martin Krafft's (2005) Debian System: > Concepts on Techniques. On page 97 he mentions that the Xfree86 server > includes a font server. The Stata manual [GSU] B.2 mentions that > Stata(GUI) requires the X Windows libraries. But does Stata(GUI) > require Xfree86 as opposed to XOrg? That would explain the Stata(GUI) > font problem in SimplyMepis 3.4.3. That would also be a bigger problem > than originally reported, because Linux is moving away from using > XFree86 to using XOrg. > > Anders Alexandersson > > > * > * For searches and help try: > * > * > * >

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