Thursday, February 16, 2006

Re: st: Using xi: for interaction terms in gllamm

Hi Leny,

The problem is that -xi: whatevercommand i.var1*var2- enteres all the main and interaction effects, so if you type -xi: whatevercommand i.var1*var2 i.var1*var3- the main effect of var1 will be entered twice, and -gllamm- chocked on that. you can prevent that by typing -xi: whatevercommand i.var1*var2 i.var1|var3-. see example below:

*------------begin example------------- sysuse auto, clear gen mpg2 = mpg^2

xi: reg price i.foreign*mpg i.foreign*mpg2 *note that _Iforeign_1 is entered twice and one is droped

xi: reg price i.foreign*mpg i.foreign|mpg2 * note that _Iforeign_1 is entered once *-----------end example-------------------

HTH, Maarten

--- wrote: > Stata gave me an error when I tried to include an interaction term of time^2 with group variable > as given below. > > xi: gllamm CRH_ i.groups*time i.groups*timesq, i(studyid) nrf(2) nip(12) eqs(inter slope) > family(gamma) link(log) adapt > > > Running adaptive quadrature > Iteration 0: log likelihood = -2787.6297 > initial vector: duplicate entries for CRH_:_Igroups_1 found > > > Is there a different way of including the interaction term without explicitly creating the > terms and the using them?

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