Saturday, February 25, 2006

st: Encode/destring


is anybody aware of how I could solve the following problem: I am working with a panel of more than 70,000 firms. When running FE and RE I need to specify the panel unit (firms in my dataset). The panel unit has to be recorded a numeric variable, as I understand.

In my data the firm idendifier is a STRING variable with both numbers and letters. Example: firm with identifier FR12345 is different from firm with identifier GB12345.

I used DESTRING-IGNORE but 1) it is difficult to track down all the characters present in the firm identifier variable 2) Different firms will get the same id number. Example: FR12345 and GB12345.

I used ENCODE but I got the following error message (134): You attempted to encode a string variable that takes on more than 65,536 unique values.



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