Saturday, February 25, 2006

st: a question about making a tabel using STATA

Dear STATA users,

I have a question about making a table using STATA. I couldn't figure out how to make it. Hope that you could help me.

The table that I need has the following format:

group1 group2 group3 variabel 1 variabel 2 variabel 3

The celles are filled with variable means for each group and for each varialbe. For example, the first cell (row 1 and column 1) is the mean of variable 1 for group 1.

I know that I can use command table to make the following table:

table group, by(mean variable1 mean variable2 mean variable3)

variable1 variable2 variable3 group1 group2 group3

Since I have so many variables and groups, it would take too much time to convert the format of the secon table to that of the first table manually. I wonder if there is a shortcut way in which I could directly generate the first table?

A related question is that: is there an option in command table or in other commands that we could automatically indicate the statistical signifance of the difference between groups for same variables on the tables? I looked through the help file for command table and did not find such options. Do I need to use command ttest for each group and for each variable and then manually indicate the statistical significance on the table?


Best regards,

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