Friday, February 17, 2006

st: Re: How can I add leading zeros conditionally?

On my thank-you post I forgot to include a thread excerpt, as is expected. Apologies.


Ainsley ---------------------------------------------------- German gave: <snip> gen zpid = substr("00"+ref,-2,2) + substr("00000"+ed,-5,5)

Joseph gave: <snip> generate str unique_identifier = /// string(region_number, "%2.0f") + "-" + /// string(enumeration_district_number, "%05.0f")

And Maarten: <snip> tostring x, format(%05.0f) replace

All in response to: <snip> Reg is consistently a str2 but ed is not (at most, though, it's a str5). I wish my new variable to be a str7 of the form "1000100", "1103200", and "1216400" for the examples provided. So, for ed, I need to add two leading zeros to the first observation and one to the second. Then I need to create the new variable.

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