Thursday, February 23, 2006

st: RE: String Problem

You do not say what constitutes pain, but I will guess from your example that it is the presence of the character sequence "D4" anywhere in the code variable.

In that case, the pain variable can be created with a single string function:

gen byte pain = strpos(code,"D4")>0


gen byte pain = strmatch(code,"*D4*")

(In Stata 8, replace strpos() with index() and strmatch() with match())

Hope this helps


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I have the following string variable code and would like to create the variable pain. Code is a combination of two digit codes (1 letter,1 number) lumped together as many 6 codes can be combined.

code pain Z1D4 1 Y1 0 H4T2D4F7 1 D4D5 1

I am not sure what combination of string functions to use. Can anyone help?

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