Friday, February 24, 2006

st: Re: Troubles with iODBC on Linux

Orvalho Joaquim Augusto ( writes:

>1. When I use any odbc command to connect to a localhost database on mysql I >have to pass arguments like user and password even I put them on >/etc/odbc.ini. And the database name should be equals to dsn! How can solve >that? > >2. I can not connect to a remote database: it gives >[TCX][MyODBC]Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket >'/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2) >r(682); ' I hesitate to weigh in on this because both of these issues are iODBC/MySQL configuration issues, not Stata issues.

With regards to issue 1, the use of automatic passwords via an iODBC odbc.ini file on Linux is known to work. Admittedly, this has been tested using a Postgres database, but the database-independent nature of ODBC suggests this is a configuration issue between iODBC and the MySQL ODBC driver parameters. Your parameter keywords in the odbc.ini look valid, but I would double check them to make sure they are not case sensitive, etc. I believe that iODBC simply assembles the keyword/value pairs in the odbc.ini file and passes them to the driver. If the driver doesn't like them, it has the option of ignoring them.

Concerning issue 2, I have even less to offer. It is possible to connect to remote servers via iODBC in Stata, so there is hope. I've never seen your particular error before you posted it, but a quick Google of the error message returned plenty of hits from the MySQL message boards. Try to follow up on it there. See:



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