Tuesday, February 21, 2006

st: 'repeated time values within panel' error message with -tsset-

Dear all,

I'm having some trouble with the error message "repeated time values within panel" given by the -tsset- command. I already had a look at http://www.stata.com/support/faqs/data/repeatedtime.html

Basically, there are two ids in my data set (m_pid and f_pid) since I look at couples. Obviously for single people the partner's id will always be missing which leads to the problem: apparently, -tsset- treats all single men as having the same partner id (f_pid==.), and all single women also as having the same partner id (m_pid==.). The problem then is that of course there are many single men and many single women who share their observation time.

The if option does not work with -tsset-; is there any way of letting Stata use only those observations with non-missing f_pid when saying -tsset f_pid wave-, and only those observations with non-missing m_pid when saying -tsset m_pid wave-, other than creating two separate data sets?

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