Friday, February 24, 2006

st: Show significant interactions between different survey questions (Newbie Question)


I'm close to finishing a masters thesis in Software Engineering, and for that one part of my research ahs involved a postal survey on opinions on software engineering. My tutor now wants me to do statistical analysis, so I've got a copy of stata and am relearning stats I tried to forget ten years ago. (and everything gets worse, I have a tiny sample or a quite large population, and my survey that looke dgreat before is looking terrible)

One part of the survey was a series of questions with likert scale responses (strongly agree, agree, neither, disagree, strongly disagree). There were twelve questions. I want to produce a table with twelve rows and twelve columns, and the significance of the interaction of two questions in each cell (I think this would be the p value).

Can this be done, and can it be done in Stata ??


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