Tuesday, February 28, 2006

st: Stata Journal 6(1)

As an email from Joseph Coveney signalled, Stata Journal 6(1) 2006 has been emailed to subscribers.

Here is the table of contents for this issue. We believe that the mix of research and expository material contains much of interest to all serious Stata users:

Estimating variance components in Stata Y. Marchenko

Automatic generation of documents R. Gini and J. Pasquini

Generalized least squares for trend estimation N. Orsini, R. Bellocco, and S. Greenland of summarized dose-response data

Generalized ordered logit/partial proportional R. Williams odds models for ordinal dependent variables

Explained variation for survival models P. Royston

Goodness-of-fit test for a logistic regression K.J. Archer and S. Lemeshow model fitted using survey sample data

Decomposing inequality and obtaining marginal A. López-Feldman effects

Mata Matters: Creating new variables- W. Gould sounds boring, isn't

Speaking Stata: Time of day N.J. Cox

Review of Multilevel and Longitudinal Modeling R. Wolfe Using Stata by Rabe-Hesketh and Skrondal Stata tip 28: Precise control of dataset sort P. Schumm order

Stata tip 29: For all times and all places C.H. Franklin

Stata tip 30: May the source be with you N.J. Cox Software updates

Note that software from the Stata Journal can be installed on your machine from within Stata, regardless of whether you subscribe. If you have the current version of Stata and an Internet connection, type

. net sj 6-1

and follow the displayed options and instructions.

See the Stata Journal FAQ for more details: http://www.stata-journal.com/sjfaq.html

For those not currently subscribing to the Stata Journal, subscriptions may be ordered online from the Stata Bookstore.

Joe Newton, Nick Cox Editors, Stata Journal editors@stata-journal.com

* * For searches and help try: * http://www.stata.com/support/faqs/res/findit.html * http://www.stata.com/support/statalist/faq * http://www.ats.ucla.edu/stat/stata/


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