Wednesday, February 22, 2006

st: Various updates on SSC: text editors FAQ, -tabplot-, -tableplot-

Thanks to Kit Baum, various packages have been updated on SSC.

Text editors and Stata FAQ ==========================

There is a FAQ on text editors and Stata at

This FAQ represents the joint work of some 34 Stata users. New since the last mention on Statalist is a section on Notepad++.

The number of external text editors that the authors know to permit some form of Stata syntax highlighting is now 18!

Thanks to the other 33 people, without which this FAQ would be a set of prejudices and advice to use my own favourite text editor.

-tabplot-, -tableplot- ======================

These programs fell over if presented with something like

... , by(myvar, title("title in quotes, because of commas"))

so I went in down deep armed with lots of compound double quotes. Some other small tweaks have been made. To find out more,

. ssc desc tabplot . ssc type tabplot.hlp

and so forth. Stata 8 is required.


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