Thursday, February 23, 2006

st: Weighted Tables


I am using a dataset (the European Social Survey) where it is important to weight the data appropriately in order to get the correct results. This dataset includes a weight which is the "normed inverse of the inclusion probabilities" according to the codebook. This weight is labelled "dweight" (though it appears to be of the pweight type as STATA defines weight types.)

In using STATA, when I type the following:

. tab prtvtch lnghoma [pw=dweight] pweight not allowed r(101);

pweight is not allowed. By the way, the variables in this example are: prtvtch (party voted for in Switzerland); and lnghoma (language spoken at home). Again, "dweight" is the variable name of the weight I would like to use.

Is there a way to get STATA to do the equivalent of the pweight command for simple descriptive crosstabs so the results come out weighted correctly?

Many thanks for any help.

Best, David

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