Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Re: Re: st: Problem with -graph use- and earlier graph versions

Yes, to beat a dying horse, he named "Clive Nichols" or an amalgamation of "Austin Nichols" and "Clive Nicholas" and my opening question was intended as a joke, but perhaps the earlier part of the thread was not immediately visible to Statalist members whose email clients do not automatically thread questions and replies... I should have put a :-) after the question mark, I suppose, or some other indication of tongue in cheek, or at least cheek. Is a smiley required here?

On 3/15/06, Clive Nicholas <> wrote: > Austin Nichols replied to Clyde Schechter: > > > Who is this Clive Nichols character (must have been an off-list > > suggestion)? > > Read > > > > for ideas on some detective work that might possibly be productive. > > I think Clyde named me by mistake when in fact he meant Austin.

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