Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Re: st: Are you a Bayesians?


For those interested in MCMC and Bayesian techniques, your presentation looks very interesting. I would love to get away to Mannheim, but can't. I hope your presentation will be available through REPEC or some other venue.

- Paul

At 06:28 AM 08/03/2006, you wrote: >People interested in this tread might also be interested in of the >presentations at the 4th German Stata' Users Group meeting, on March 31 in >Mannheim: > >Stata goes BUGS (via R) >Susumu Shikano, University of Mannheim >( > >Recently, Bayesian methods such as Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) >techniques find an increasing use in the social sciences, with >(Win)BUGS being one of the most widely applied software for this >kind of analysis. Unfortunately, due to the absence of MCMC >techniques and any interfaces to WinBUGS or BUGS in Stata, Stata >users who apply MCMC techniques have to perform such painful tasks >as reformatting data by themselves. As a preliminary solution to >this problem, one can call another statistical software R from inside >Stata and use it as an interface to (Win)BUGS. This presentation >outlines this solution providing an exemplar analysis. > >As Stata developers are also present at the meeting, participants can listen >to their reactions as well. > >End of advertising section. > >Uli > >Paul Millar wrote: > > In the past I have used R or Winbugs for Bayesian problems. I agree > > Stata could be better equipped for this approach. In fact, I don't > > think Bayesian approaches will, despite their power compared to > > frequentist techniques, get into the mainstream until people develop > > routines for packages like Stata that make it easy for the researcher > > to take advantage of. > > > > - Paul Millar > > > > At 10:16 AM 05/03/2006, you wrote: > > >If you are a Bayesian using stata, please respond with raised voice. > > > > > >Most of my work is frequentist in nature, but I apply Bayesian > > >techniques for some of my more onerous problems. As was mentioned in > > >the fall, "Stata is not much of a vehicle for doing Bayesian > > >things." Should this change? > > > > > >The paucity of interest in Bayesian techniques, or its appearance, > > >may represent an area of development for stata. Bayesians, if you > > >are out there, I personally would like to how you manage. Maybe > > >stata and its users will develop greater tools if we can show that > > >there is a market. > >-- > >+49 (030) 25491-361 >* >* For searches and help try: >* >* >*

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