Monday, March 20, 2006

Re: st: Do file editor

From what you said it seems like you're trying to do the same thing again and again? If this is the case using the -program define- command will save you a lot of hassle. E.g.:

program drop _all program define repeat_codes . <insert codes that you're repeating all over the do file> . end

After you have done this whenever you need to refer to those codes, you'll just need to write:


Hope this helps.


On 3/18/06, Carter Rees <> wrote: > Greetings, > > Working with Stata 9.1, Windows XP. > > When I attempt to cut and paste text from within the do-file editor to > different areas of the same do-file or from another word processing program > to the do-file editor I get the following error message: > > "You will exceed the maximum number of characters the Do-file Editor can > hold (131071 bytes) if text is pasted". > > So, this leaves me with the option of re-typing a lot of redundant code. A > search of the archives and FAQ has not produced an answer. I have checked > to make sure that I am not unknowingly pasting a large amount of text left > on my clipboard. > > Thanks. > > Carter > > > * > * For searches and help try: > * > * > * >

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