Saturday, March 11, 2006

Re: st: easy way to save regressor variable names?

Toby, My answer to your first question will depend on the regression command used. (I say my answer, since someone else may have a better way of doing this.) After you run regress, if covariates are dropped for collinearity, they will appear in the coefficient vector (e(b)), but the coefficient value in the vector e(b) will be zero. For commands like logit, ologit, and mlogit, independent variables dropped for collinearity will not appear in the coefficient vector. So you have to accommodate the particular regression command used. Also note that the constant (_cons) will be in the coefficient vector, so you'll have to remove that as well. Below is some syntax that I've been using to do what you describe (the list of variables is returned as the local macro p_list), it appears to work, but I make no guarantees. Best, Rose

* -------- begin example when command is regress ----------- * run regress local cons "_cons" matrix define B = get(_b) local p : colfullnames e(b) local n = "`s(after)'" local r : list sizeof n local clist = " " forvalues j = 1/`r' { scalar define c`j' = B[1,`j'] if (c`j'~=0) { local newpred : word `j' of `p' local clist : list clist | newpred } } local p_list : list clist - cons *-------- end example when command is regress -----------

*-------- begin example when command is logit, ologit, or mlogit ----------- * run logit or mlogit local p : colnames e(b) local p_list : list p - cons *-------- end example when command is logit, ologit, or mlogit -----------

Toby Andrew wrote:

> Dear all, > > I have 2 questions related to saving summary stats from regression > analyses: > > 1) Is there a generic way to access the list of variable names used > in a regression such as regress, mlogit & ologit? > The reason i ask is because i am performing many regressions by > looping over variables & the list of recorded variables i save > will differ from the *actual* list retained in the analysis if there > is collinearity (or i wish to use stepwise sw). > > 2) is there an "_rc" error message (or equivalent) i can record in > the summary postfile results, if the model fails to converge? > > Thanks very much, > > Toby > > * > * For searches and help try: > * > * > * >

-- Rose Anne Medeiros Department of Sociology / Family Research Laboratory University of New Hampshire 126 Horton Social Science Center 20 College Road Durham, NH 03824 U.S.A.

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