Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Re: st: functions for computing prob

It appears that I was mistaken about -tprob()-, that it does exist and appear to work, though undocumented and apparently obsolete. It looks to be the 2-tailed version of -ttail()-

. di tprob(30,1.8) .08192507

. di ttail(30,1.8) .04096253

- GL

Gary Longton wrote: > Lei Xuan wrote: > >> I am computing probabilities for t-test and z-test. >> I want to know if the functions -tprob- and -normprob- are out-of-date >> since no help files explain these functions. Are -ttail(n,t)- and >> -normal(z) >> >> right functions to compute probs? > > > see -help density functions- > or -help functions- > > Yes, the cumulative normal density function, normprob(), still works but > is out of date, no longer documented, and has been replaced by > normal(). Am not sure whether tprob() ever existed? - doesn't seem to > work and is not documented in any case. ttail(n,t) is documented under > help for functions. > > - Gary * * For searches and help try: * * *


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