Wednesday, March 22, 2006


What is this?

I propose three simple principles:

1. If someone wants to join Statalist and post to it, they should feel welcome, and they should read the FAQ to see how we operate. Nothing new there.

2. If someone wants to post something to Statalist on behalf of someone else, that's OK so long as they explicitly undertake to answer subsidiary questions and forward the answers.

3. Otherwise I see zero point in answering questions like this, as we have no assurances of an answer being seen, or "someone" or "Martin" answering any questions it raises. The appeal to urgency is also objectionable.


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Subject: st: GOOGLE ANSWERS FORWARDED Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2006 10:34:11 -0500

Someone @ google answers asks:

Ok, I'm trying to run a fixed-effects panel in stata. My regression: (where var1 is the depend. variable)

(PLEASE SEE DATA AT END) - Data pasted from excel into stata via editor Stata commands were as follows:

"tsset id year" "gen var1 = ln(x3)" "gen var2 = ln(var 1[_n-1])" ie. require ln(x3 i,t-1) "gen var3 = ln(x2)" "gen var4 = ln(5 +x1)"

xtreg var1 var2 var3 var4, i(id), fe

Now for the coefficient on var2 I get 0.177, and I'm looking for something around the 0.5 region. I've gone wrong somewhere - can someone please help??? It's pretty urgent as I need this by Thursday morning at latest. If it helps, I'm trying to estiamte the model on page 1146 for OECD countries, (but with my own data) in Islam's paper: "Growth Empirics: A Panel Data Approach" (1995) I'm online all the time, so if necessarty, I can clarify things beforehand.


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