Sunday, March 12, 2006

Re: st: how to avoid truncation when trimming a long string

Sean: Does -local model trim("`model'")- work? Not evaluating a local macro (leaving the = sign out) prevents the 256 character max to bite, but this depends on what is in the original `model' local. If that already contains more than 256 characters than the truncation already occured earlier in the program. HTH, Maarten

--- "reardon, sean f." <> wrote: > i want to trim leading a trailing blanks off a string entered by a user > in a program -- the string is saved in local macro "model". the string > may be very long (longer than 256 characters). > > when i use the following line: > > local model = trim("`model'") > > this works fine as long as `model' is shorter than 256 characters. when > longer, stata truncates the string (i think at 256 characters). is > there an easy way to trim leading and trailing blanks from a long > string?

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