Thursday, March 16, 2006

Re: st: looping over parallel lists - is there a alternative to "for"?

Gawrich Stefan wrote: > I do a lot of routine or repetitive data analysis and use loops and lists > frequently (btw, thx to Nick Cox, his "How to fact lists with fortitude" > helped me a lot). > > I'm wondering why the "for"-command is officialy out of date in Stata while > one of it's best features - the use of parallel lists - can't be done > otherwise. Or am I missing something? > > One example: I routinely map ten different diseases with tmap and save the > maps as a graphic file. > > for var var1-var10 \ any "Disease1" "Disease2" [...] \ any "Filename1" > "Filename2" [...] : /// > tmap choro X, id(county) map("county-Coordinates.dta") title("Y") \ graph > export "Z.png", replace

Do we really need a parallel list here?

forv i = 1/10 { tmap choro var`i', id(county) title("Disease `i'") graph export "`i++'.png", replace }

Or, how do you like:

local i 1 foreach var of varlist firstvar-lastvar { tmap choro `var', id(county) title("`:var label `var''") graph export "`i++'.png", replace }

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