Thursday, March 09, 2006

Re: st: memory required for -merge-

I have some simple suggestions for you to check (really really so simple that sometimes pple forget about them). I guess you're merging with the placefip variable.

(1) May be there are multiple merges with the using data, so you're practically multiplying the master data sets several times round. therefore check if you have multiple copies of the same value in the placefip varaible in your using data.

(2) check for missing in the placefip variable in both the master and using data.

cheers, Ada

On 3/9/06, Danielle H Ferry <> wrote: > Hi all, > > Is there a rule for the amount of memory required for -merge-? I keep > getting a "no room to add more variables due to width" error on the > same merge. I am attempting to -merge- on only one variable > (placefip), and 67% of memory is free before I attempt the -merge- > (i.e., while the "master" dataset is loaded). The "using dataset is > small, and I've got the memory set quite high (900m). So, I can't > understand why I am running into memory problems. >

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