Sunday, March 05, 2006

RE: st: multiple (overlaid) serrbar charts

I don't think Richard's missing anything w.r.t. -serrbar-. It's been around for a long time, but is not a very general command and does no more than is claimed in the help.

In addition to Maarten's suggestion, -ciplot- from SSC may be of use or interest.

On the whole, however, CIs plotted just the way you want requires recourse to a combination of -twoway- types, as Richard says.

I can't comment on Richard's code because he doesn't show it to us.


Maarten buis

> Have a look at Roger Newson's -eclplot- (type -findit eclplot-).

Richard Palmer-Jones

> > I would like to overlay means and cis of several variables > against (for > > example) time. Serrbar alows only one variable. twoway line > or scatter > > and rcap can be overlaid for each variable and combined in the same > > graph but in the legend I get two entries for each varaible and I > > cannot get rid of one of them.

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