Thursday, March 09, 2006

Re: st: -njc- updated

At 06:53 PM 3/9/2006, you wrote: >I have updated njc.ado with new quotes. The date and the name of the >thread are now displayed. Thank you to Neil Shephard for suggesting >that this information be added (and for suggesting a number of new quotes). > From within Stata - net describe - > From your web browser: >Enjoy, >Rose

This is quite possibly one of the most useful routines ever written for Stata. :) One suggestion for Rose and others who maintain their own sites: Add the necessary info for adoupdate to recognize when your program has been updated (even if you yourself only use an earlier version of Stata, Stata 9 users will appreciate it.) That way no one will ever have to miss the latest and greatest version of your creation. Here is an excerpt from the help for adoupdate (or, just look at the description for any file on SSC):

adoupdate reports whether an installed package is up to date by comparing the distribution date of the package installed with the package available over the web. If you are distributing software, include the line

d Distribution-Date: date

somewhere in your .pkg file. Capitalization of Distribution-Date does not matter, but include the hyphen and the colon just as shown. Code the date in either of two formats:

all numeric: yyyymmdd, for example, 20050508

Stata standard: ddMONyyyy, for example, 8may2005

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