Thursday, March 09, 2006

Re: st: -njc- updated

I believe it is in the spirit of -njc- to point out that, technically speaking, "quote" is a verb, and "quotation" is a noun. So my guess is that the program now incorporates new quotations!

Best, The other Nick.

At 06:53 PM 3/9/2006, you wrote: >I have updated njc.ado with new quotes. The date and the name of the >thread are now displayed. Thank you to Neil Shephard for suggesting that >this information be added (and for suggesting a number of new quotes). > From within Stata - net describe - > From your web browser: >Enjoy, >Rose > >-- >Rose Anne Medeiros >Department of Sociology / Family Research Laboratory >University of New Hampshire >126 Horton Social Science Center >20 College Road >Durham, NH 03824 >U.S.A. > >* >* For searches and help try: >* >* >*

-------------------------------------------------------- Nicholas Winter 607.255.8819 t Assistant Professor 607.255.4530 f Department of Government e 308 White Hall w Cornell University Ithaca, NY 14853-4601

* * For searches and help try: * * *


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