Saturday, March 11, 2006

RE: st: Problem with a ado file

Thanks for all the help!!! The set trace option showed me where the problem was! By the way, Austin was right regarding the xtile arguments (I found this problem after the sending the message to the list).

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Svend's advice is excellent, and very general (though -set traced 2- or even 3 might be necessary sometimes, especially when running a program from within a do-file). In this case, I'd put my money on quietly replace `outputvar' == `_tempqt' if `_tempqt' ~=. since replace takes x=y as an argument, not x==y. The other general point to make here is, to increase your probability of getting a good answer from Statalist, include what you typed (in this case, the call to -qtex- along with the output), preferably using a dataset that ships with Stata or is easily available via -webuse-.

On 3/11/06, Svend Juul <> wrote: > Nuno sent an ado-file (which I didn't try to understand); it gave an error message: > > invalid syntax > r(197); > ---------------------------------------------------------------- > > Try > set trace on > set tracedepth 1 > > and run the command again. Now you will se what the macros expanded to, and that may give you a hint. > > Without -set tracedepth 1- you may get an overwhelming amount of output.

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