Saturday, March 11, 2006

Re: st: Problem with a ado file

Svend's advice is excellent, and very general (though -set traced 2- or even 3 might be necessary sometimes, especially when running a program from within a do-file). In this case, I'd put my money on quietly replace `outputvar' == `_tempqt' if `_tempqt' ~=. since replace takes x=y as an argument, not x==y. The other general point to make here is, to increase your probability of getting a good answer from Statalist, include what you typed (in this case, the call to -qtex- along with the output), preferably using a dataset that ships with Stata or is easily available via -webuse-.

On 3/11/06, Svend Juul <> wrote: > Nuno sent an ado-file (which I didn't try to understand); it gave an error message: > > invalid syntax > r(197); > ---------------------------------------------------------------- > > Try > set trace on > set tracedepth 1 > > and run the command again. Now you will se what the macros expanded to, and that may give you a hint. > > Without -set tracedepth 1- you may get an overwhelming amount of output.

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