Friday, March 10, 2006

Re: st: Problem with -graph use- and earlier graph versions

I cannot reproduce this behavior, saving graphs in Stata 8 and -gr use-ing them in Stata 9. Perhaps you had the scheme set incorrectly, or your schemes are corrupt, or not -update-d? Or one of these was the case when you originally created the graph? Did you try . use oldgraph, scheme(sj) . use oldgraph, scheme(s2mono) etc. to see if different schemes were affected equally?

On 3/10/06, Clyde Schechter <> wrote: > I have some .gph files with line graphs that were created by version > 8.1 using the sj scheme. I recently wanted to have a look at one of > them, and was surprised to find that when I -graph use-d it (in > version 9.1), all of the line graphs were rendered with a solid line, > so it was impossible to distinguish which was which.

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