Wednesday, March 15, 2006

RE: st: Problems with Outreg not being able to open a file--r(603)

The standard comment -- in a way, no comment -- is to underline that -outreg- is not being supported or maintained by its author, who is no longer active in the Stata community. Or so it seems. We hope he is alive and well and enjoying himself somewhere!

That doesn't rule out support by keen users, but it does underline the incentive to switch allegiance to -estout- or -outreg2-, both of which have authors who are active in the Stata community. As you are using Stata 9.1, this is not ruled out by Stata version.

I don't use any of these programs, and -outreg- is sufficiently large and complicated to discourage the idea of a quick glance at the code.


Joe McCrary > Just to follow up, I'm running Stata 9.1 on Windows 2000. > > On 3/15/06, Joe McCrary <> wrote: > > I am running a series of 8 regressions, the results of > which I'd like > > to append into a table using outreg. When I run it, I get > the message > > that the file could not be opened after I try to append my > 5th column. > > When I go to the directory where the results were being saved, the > > file is gone. > > > > What I did do to get it to work was write the results from > the last 4 > > regressions into a separate file. And it works fine when I do this. > > > > It seems to me that outreg is limited to 4 columns. Is this true? > >

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