Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Re: st: Problems with Outreg not being able to open a file--r(603)

Thank you Nick. I'll use -outreg2- next time.

On 3/15/06, Nick Cox <> wrote: > The standard comment -- in a way, no comment -- > is to underline that -outreg- is not being > supported or maintained by its author, who > is no longer active in the Stata community. > Or so it seems. We hope he is alive and > well and enjoying himself somewhere! > > That doesn't rule out support by keen users, > but it does underline the incentive to > switch allegiance to -estout- or -outreg2-, > both of which have authors who are active > in the Stata community. As you are using > Stata 9.1, this is not ruled out by Stata > version. > > I don't use any of these programs, and > -outreg- is sufficiently large and > complicated to discourage the idea of a quick glance > at the code. > > Nick >

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