Thursday, March 09, 2006

Re: st: RE: how to choose between geographical identifiers??

Ada Ma replied:

> Can I use multilevel even if the LADs and TTWAs are overlapping - e.g. > London is one big TTWA? And I'm not quite sure how the LADs and TTWAs > overlap one another across the rest of UK, I can approximate the > overlapping using the All Field Postcode Directory, but that isn't > entirely accurate IMHO.

Apologies: my current working hour prevented me from replying to this sooner than I would have liked.

In short, yes: such overlapping areal units are acceptable. Indeed, the original MLwiN software by Harvey Goldstein and his group effectively built such nesting assumptions into the specification and fitting of multilevel models (i.e., local authority wards at level 1; parliamentary constituencies at level 2; local authority areas at level 3; etc).

Hope that helps.

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