Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Re: st: RE: pie charts

In a first stage I had dropped all the partners but the ten main partners for each year that is why there is nothing in the syntax to identify these partners. I wonder if the problem is not that the ten first partners are not the same for each year? And even though the ten first main partners are not the same why stata cannot, for each year, apply the command? Isn't there something to do with the long or wide format of the data?

By the way, a time series graph could be used to show the evolution of one particuliar partner but not of the structure contrary to a serie of pie charts which could, I think, both represent the distribution of the pie and the evolution in the size of the pie...

Anyway thank you for your answer, regards Christopher

I have three ideas here.

1. The variable -partenaires- evidently has 229 categories, and Stata will be struggling to cope.

Quite possibly all you will see is a legend and the charts themselves will be out of sight.

2. I can't see how your syntax corresponds to identifying the ten main partners.

3. Although you want a series of pie charts it is difficult for me to see how they will convey the structure of your data at all well. A time series graph appears more natural here. Stata does supply pie charts -- largely so nobody can say "But you can't get a pie chart in Stata!" -- but that doesn't make them an effective method for showing comparative structure over time.


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