Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Re: st: RE: RE: RE: list subjects with a similar value

On 3/23/06, Michael McCulloch <> wrote: > Jennifer response brings to mind a question that recently occurred to me: > Is there a Stata-compatible text editor that, like MS-WORD, can highlight > changes?

Although I don't use it myself there are version control features in Emacs. These work with programming control systems such as CVS or SVN, and I'm not sure what your mileage would be writing do/ado files under such schemas, but I suspect it is possible (don't quote me on that though :).

This isn't exactly the same as M$-words document tracking (which personally I find hideously hard to follow, particularly when there are multiple authors making revisions, I've seen some docs that end up looking like the old TV-test screens :-), but it does allow you to track the changes that you are making. One of the main problems (as I see it) is that to write do/ado-files you need a _text_ editor, and word is not a text-editor, but a word-processor, so all the colour changes that you see are essentially mark-ups of the original text, and such mark-ups would render the Stata code uninterpretable.

See for more on Emacs' VC system.

Personally if you want to be able to revert to older versions of files I'd recommend simply creating a copy before doing major revisions and simply append a date in numeric format at some point to the filename (before '.' would be most appropriate).


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