Wednesday, March 22, 2006

RE: st: RE: RE: RE: list subjects with a similar value

MS-Word I understand to be a word processor. Recall that many members of Statalist do not use and certainly are not expert in Windows or Microsoft products generally.

In Vim, the way that seems to be most natural is a Unix way. You can have two files open in two windows and set it so that differences are highlighted. So, one could be a previous version and the other a working version.

I gather that Word behaves differently.

In general, good text editors will have something loosely similar. None that I know of regards it as a virtue to emulate Word.


Michael McCulloch > Sorry; I was referring to changes in coding that one writes > in a do-file. > >Changes to what?

> > > Jennifer response brings to mind a question that recently > > > occurred to me: > > > Is there a Stata-compatible text editor that, like MS-WORD, > > > can highlight changes? > > > > > >Whoops, of course you're right. When I play with things to > > > work out code > > > >I usually don't keep the changes, so I mangle working datasets > > > >willy-nilly and didn't think to change the conditioned keep to a > > > >conditioned list. > > > >The use of bysorting and _N is much neater and more flexible.

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